I am NOT a programmer!
( for those of you who think I'd look good unshaved, sitting at a desk cluttered with donuts, Twinkies and coffee cups )
All I've ever "programmed" before was my web presentation page, in Flash and this present one in straight HTML.
BUT, since I'm a great admirer of robotics, I decided to choose this discipline as this little hobby of mine.
I started with BEAMBOTs, because there is no programming involved whatsoever in making those.
After some time designing beambots I suffered with some kind of critical faculties dropout, which made me
place an order to get all stuff necessary for building a hexapod robot.
Since this decision made rather ugly, dark and chilly void in my wallet,
there was no longer any excuse for not getting to serious programming.


I've been working on this robot for past two years. Learning Arduino programming, learning trigonometry all over again,
solving electricity issues, buying servo motors ( last version has the third set of servos already, as I was going higher and higher on torque.
As it's in my nature of being quite a bit of megalomaniac, my aim was (and still is) pretty high.
Here is where I presently am and what my goals are.

Arduino Mega / Arduino Nano / SSC32U / HCSRO4 / Buzzer / LED
JX / PDI6221MG - femurs and tibias / Hitec / HS645MG - coxas / Hitec / HS485HB - head

design and script advanced hexapod robot

legs with IK control, several walking gaits, walking and turning with adjustable radius
smooth motion transitions, adjustable speed of motion and length of gait steps
adjustable body height position
decision of motion direction based on head mounted sonic sensor
IR remote controlled

debug some motion issues
automatic gait and speed of motion choosing ( depending on legs position )
automatic body height and tilt position changing ( depending on speed and motion direction )
turning around arbitrary point